Springfield, Missouri
Investigation May 2005

Pythian Castle Front

We were so excited to have the opportunity to do an investigation in an actual castle, much less to not have to leave the good old USA to do so! It’s hard to imagine an actual castle nestled right in the middle of a metro city within the heartland of the Midwestern state of Missouri.

The Pythian Castle has an amazing history dating back to its beginning construction in 1909. The 88,000 square foot building looks as if it belongs on a hillside in Europe somewhere, complete with bell towers, stone siding and 119 long odd shaped windows throughout. The walls are 1 foot thick cement blocks.

The castle was built & completed in 1913 by the Knights of the Pythias to serve homage and offer living quarters to orphans of soldiers killed at war. The US military then acquired the facility and owned it for over 50 years following. Its seen usage as a veteran’s hospital, a women’s clinic, assorted other like centers and now a private home to owner Tamara Finocchiaro and her mother along with their family of whippet dogs.

After hearing the ghost stories surrounding the castle, we contacted Tamara for an interview and tour. This wasn’t overstepping boundaries or invading her privacy, as she was conducting public tours and offering different paranormal groups the opportunity to come do investigations in the castle for documentation of so many things she & her mother had witnessed since living there. Each group seemed to witness similar outcomes all that fell directly in line with what Tamara & her mother had experienced while in the castle.

Our investigation was amazing as well. We started in the grand ballroom to formulate a game plan for coverage during the night’s investigation. We wanted to be able to walk around, do EVP work and snap still photos while stationary cameras were set-up in different places known to provide paranormal activity to others in the past as well as to Tamara. As Tamara walked us around and described the different types of sightings or happenings in each area, our digital thermometers fluctuated vastly from 70 degrees in some places to as low as 47 degrees within a seconds movement just inches away. The castle has no A/C and uses only fireplaces for heat in the winter. It is basically 3 stories tall with underground floors, but as much as 5 or 6 stories within the bell towers. This investigation was in May. Temperatures inside the castle were very comfortable and of course seemingly cooler on the underground floors. But understand the temperature fluctuations happened everywhere, not just in the cooler portions of the building and were within just inches of the prior reading on the meters.

Throughout the nights 6 hour investigation we witnessed extreme cold spots (reminder: there are no drafts coming in through 1 foot thick concrete walls), we had extreme battery draw downs, lost complete camera coverage once due to a stationary camera being shut off! And had a brief encounter take-over with Susi and a spirit who entered her. As an extreme parasensitive individual, Susi feels many presences that others in the group don’t always pick up on. The dungeons below became a severe force of depression for her and the POW area created horrible shortness of breath sensations and made her immediately nauseated.

One room in what once was the actual children’s wing was what seemed like a punishment area. It was a cement “vault-like” room about 12X12 feet which stepped down 18 inches into it from the hallway floor. In the middle of that room was an old rusty folding chair. No other furniture was in the area. We set up our EVP recorder to hopefully catch something when analyzed later. Not to disappoint, we caught a frail female child’s voice repeating over & over almost in a whisper, “Marco…Polo” and the words “so red”.

Upon analyzation later, we had caught many orbs throughout the facility, one which seemed to follow us along down the staircases. A loud tapping & moaning with heavy breathing was near the boiler room and tunnel, extreme mood changes happened just walking around, and weird light shapes on the USO stages came & went. All & all it was a very valuable investigation. Our findings: Yes, the Pythian Castle is haunted.